RunAmok Trystin, sizing up her job...
That will teach them to ignore her!
All business now!
Great Job, Trystin!!

The truth is, the original Aussie IS smaller... and,
yes, they can really herd.  From fowl, to
sheep, to goats, to cattle and even bison.  Not the best photos, but thought we would share
some quick shots of our dogs at work around the farm...  Below, you can see Trystin'
gathering the goats and putting them back in the barn before supper-time.

Our dogs are intuitive workers, easily settling into a routine of real farm work.  A working
relationship allows a dog with even basic commands to listen and respond to direction.  Of
course, folks might laugh at us if we showed up at a herding dog trial, as we just talk to our
dogs here...
RunAmok Roxy Stargazer - Herding runs in the family!
RunAmok girls command respect...
We thought you might like to see some photos of one of our Shadrach daughters. This is
RunAmok Roxy Stargazer!  Roxy is a lovely red tri-color, and following closely in her
momma's footsteps, she obviously commands "respect" from her family's livestock.
Thank you to Donna and Mike for sharing these photos with us!
RunAmok pups tend to have strong instinct - even when first introduced to the goats!  In
most of the pictures below, the pups were only 7.5 weeks old!  Strong instinct, good
"drive", solid conformation, even temperaments...  What more could you ask for?
To answer our original question:  Yes, smaller Australian Shepherds and Miniature
Aussies are more than capable of herding - goats, sheep, ducks, geese... even cattle!  A
properly bred Australian Shepherd has heart, savvy, and working ability -regardless of
base size.
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American Shepherd,
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Click to see a larger photo of RunAmok Annie!
The Miniature Australian
Shepherd goes by many
names: Miniature Aussie,
Mini Aussie, and North
American Shepherd. It will
soon be recognized by AKC
as the Miniature American
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Miniature Australian
Shepherd; Miniature Aussie;
Mini Aussie; North
American Shepherd,
Miniature American
Shepherd herding photos!
NOTE: Shad was moving - his ears are not prick ears... LOL
Proud members of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association!
Laus Deo!
Praise be to God!
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Moderately-sized Australian Shepherds of RunAmok Farm!

Australian Shepherd

Champion lines!

Photos & information:
"Everything has been
amazing! She has yet to
have an accident, slept
through the night, has
been eating up all her
food and is fitting in
perfectly with our
family. She is such a
lover and we are
enjoying every moment
with her.
Thanks for raising such
a great dog! She will be
very loved!  Gina
A RunAmok Puppy!
Custom Pyrographic (woodburned) artwork!  ENJOY!
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