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The Miniature Australian
Shepherd goes by many
names: Miniature Aussie,
Mini Aussie, and North
soon be recognized by AKC
as the Miniature American
My husband, four children, and I live on a modest "hobby" farm, tucked away in the
scenic, backwoods paradise of Northern Idaho.  Depending upon the time of year, you
will find goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and various other farm critters scattered about!
Whatever the season, our smaller Australian Shepherd dogs are part of our family;
working, playing and living as our constant companions...  Life is GOOD!

The Australian Shepherd should be clever, debonair, light-hearted, endearing, biddable,
intuitive, watchful, protective, athletic, helpful and devoutly loyal to its family.  Aussies
should be versatile and adaptable, both at work and at play; Physically and mentally able
to adjust well into varied lifestyles - enjoying activities such as herding, agility, Frisbee,
Flyball, Search & Rescue, and therapy work.  As a breed, the Aussie,
regardless of size,
should have the ability to “do it all”, yet not be “driven” to excess - enjoying an active
lifestyle, yet also content to lounge indoors with its family.  
Learn more about the
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD and its smaller counterpart.

With over 50 years combined experience breeding dogs and raising puppies, we
understand the qualities that make a dog truly "outstanding".  Our family maintains a
small, elect breeding program; Beautiful, moderately-sized Aussies with proper
structure, instinct, and impeccable bloodlines...  Exceptional, smaller dogs - true to the
original standard.  More important than text-book basics, as a family with young
children, we have placed great emphasis on sound, family-oriented temperaments, and
chemical-free, natural health care.

It is likely you have visited many sites before arriving here.  Every breeder wishes to
portray their particular breeding program as the “best”.  Naturally, we could follow suit,
boasting of Champion lines, Hall Of Fame ancestors and renowned working ability.  We
could brag about our pups excelling in agility, obedience, therapy, & Search & Rescue --
but, quite frankly, that makes us no different than sites you have already browsed.

Simply leaving our introduction at that base level might sound "great", considering the
caliber of our dogs -- however, that would not give you the whole picture, or rather, the
whole dog.  The scope of our breeding program goes far beyond looks, fancy pedigrees,
or Champion titles - reaching to the very core of natural health and longevity of future

At this time, we are one of only a select handful of Naturally-rearing Australian Shepherd
breeders in the
entire United States & Canada!  We are proud members of the Natural-
Rearing Breeders Association, and are outspoken pet advocates with regard to the proper
care of our lovely furred companions.  

Our “natural-rearing” program ensures our puppies are given the very best start – on all
levels!  They are fed a natural, species-appropriate diet; they are not exposed to harmful
chemicals; and all of our puppies are raised in our home, with constant interaction with
our home-schooling family.  Learn more about

If you are new to the Australian Shepherd, we hope you will share the adventure of
owning one, or a couple, some day!  It is a life full of humor, loyalty and unforgettable
intelligence.  Please enjoy our site, photos and consider us blessed, as there is no better
friend then an Aussie!

If you would like more information regarding our puppies, or natural-rearing program,
please feel free to email or to call, as we would love to visit with you.
Miniature Australian Shepherd - RunAmok Cayenne!  WE HAVE PUPPIES NOW!
A "RunAmok" puppy!
RunAmok Aussie Puppies For Sale!

Accepting deposits for our 2014 litter!  See our Lil'
Rustlers page for info!  We try to keep our site
updated, usually adding new photos or health
information at least once per week.  We update more
often when we have puppies available!

During your visit, we hope you will take time to visit
our K9 Nutrition page.  Proper nutrition plays a vital
role in keeping your lovely companions healthy &

During your visit, if you don't see what you are
looking for, or if you happen to have questions or
comments, please feel free to email or call!

Natural-rearing breeders of the original,
moderately-sized Australian Shepherd!

Dan & Jaque & tribe
St. Maries, ID.
208-669-0594 cell  
10:00 am - 6:00 pm PST
(If no answer, please leave message)
Do Aussies make good family pets?


A best friend.
Proud members of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association!
Laus Deo!
Praise be to God!
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WELCOME TO RUNAMOK FARM ~ Home of the naturally-reared, moderately-sized Australian Shepherd!
"Everything has been
amazing! She has yet to
have an accident, slept
through the night, has
been eating up all her
food and is fitting in
perfectly with our
family. She is such a
lover and we are
enjoying every moment
with her.
Thanks for raising such
a great dog! She will be
very loved!  Gina
Custom Pyrographic (woodburned) artwork!  ENJOY!
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